About Michelle Jackson

(November 2, 1973-January 18, 2008)

Michelle Jackson’s foray into film was an actor in the 1994 film ANCHOR ZONE. She loved performing but quickly found her way into other areas of filmmaking.  She worked on the Harlequin films (1995), The Divine Ryans (1997), New Neighbours (1999), Clothesline Patch (1999), Random Passage (2000), The Bread Maker(2003), Heyday (2006) and helped out on many short films produced in St. John’s.  She was an active member of the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers’ Cooperative (NIFCO) and was one of 4 directors chosen for its 1998 NIFCO First Film Program that mentored the participants through the production of a six-minute film.

In 2001 Michelle began working with a company to develop pre-production software for film and television.  This took her to festivals and conferences around the world where she connected with filmmakers and industry representatives.  It was here she came into her own.  Michelle had a knack for connecting with people, discovering industry needs and finding ways to address those needs.  She would also give software demonstration workshops at colleges and film festivals.  She became involved with the St. John’s Women’s Film Festival and was a recurring mentor for their FRAMED program, a crash course in guerrilla filmmaking for high school students.

Michelle was herself an emerging filmmaker.  Though she had worked on many productions and helped so many young filmmakers, she was just beginning to turn her attentions to producing and directing her own works.  Michelle’s first independent film, Mary Power, A Life in Stories, debuted in 2007 at the International Women’s Film Festival to popular and critical acclaim.  The documentary honours a well-known traditional storyteller from Branch, Mary Power, and in doing so, the film helps to preserve the rich traditions and heritage at the heart of Newfoundland filmmaking—storytelling.  Sadly, this was Michelle’s first and last film as she passed away in January 2008.